"Ecclesiastical Arts of the Miskatonic Valley"

The Art of von Meer

An carved "flask" said to be from a "Fishmans thighbone" Killed by the Prior of Tortossa in 1241 in Syria. It looks remarkably like that of the Doktor.

From the "Ecclesiastical Arts of the Miskatonic Valley" on the lawn of the Orne Library.

Other Pieces

Medieval Crosiers

13th Century sewn on Cross

Mandylion faced Templar Bible

San Damiano cross

Paternoster Ring

Crusader Cross Replica

Medieval Pilgrims staff

Pewter Crosses


Stag Antler Pinky Ring

Medieval Ave Maria Badge

The good Doktor on Safari Circa 1922

From the Tortosa Collection Prior Helmuts Personal Holy Relics