We produce game supplements, game aids , source-books and adventures useable with ANY game system as long as it is based upon the Mythos of H.P.Lovecraft during the classic period (of the1920s) that most gamers are aware of.  Our vision is the background can always be presented as darker, grittier, and less politically correct then some modern gamers present the 1920s. Because our background (being the 1920s) is inherently unjust, where anti-catholicism, antisemitism, sexism, racism, classism, jingoism, etc are already the norm...it's already quite horrific. Add in monsters, alien deities and a nihilistic universe without meaning....or hope. That's Lovecraft.

We present the world not as it is or ever was. The universe of Lovecraft is an alternate universe based upon the frightened mind of a reclusive bigoted man. It's a world based upon his misconceptions, limited resources and personal lack of worldliness. Where sinister and savage lands filled with dangerous peoples and unholy practices....That is everywhere outside of the North-Eastern US and cosmopolitan parts of Britain.

Lines of Products

Miskatonic Mythadventures ( Mythos Adventures in the Miskatonic Valley) (Coming in 2019)

       This line of adventures and source-books will concentrate in Arkham, Innsmouth, Kingsport, Dunwich etc. They are compatible with every system based upon Lovecrafts Mythos.

I'm Left Alone to Weep (Generic Adventure) Free!

The Strange Lands (Alien Fantasy, Sword and Sorcery and Space Opera with a Lovecraftian spin.) Coming soon!

Free Resources

ARS (Arthouse Roleplaying System) Work in progress, done to see if a RPG could be written in a day.

ARS Character Sheet

For GURPS 3rd edition

                     G2G (Gumshoe to GURPS) Conversion Notes

                     Advanced Caverns and Creatures (For use with Caverns And Creatures by Timothy Groves for a more classic Advanced 80's feel.)


We are a small company, created so my childhood friends could work with me and continue the adventure we started. With only a few staff,  we do this as a labor of love, as role-playing is what we do. We are simply trying to produce the the materials we want in our own games, as we are first and foremost gamers.