This represents our interpretation of the fictional history of  Robert E. Howard's Conan the Barbarian, integrating the styles of the early to late Bronze age, the fictional iron age weapons inspired by Jody Samson and the movies, comic books, and of the neolithic peoples of Europe.

Swords and Daggers


Fine copper and bronze castings, including our version of historical Orichalcum. Blades of copper, bronze, iron (mild steel) and steel in designs based upon ancient historical models. Designed within the context of established canon as established by R.E. Howard.


Made of fossil ivory, Mammoth and mastodon bone, buffalo (closest relative to the Steppe Bison), camel, exotic and local woods and even carved and (not historical) Resin hardened Cuttlefish bone.


Are wood, leather covered wood and leather. Snakeskin covered wood will be special orders when available. No modern cow leather will be used, but American Buffalo being the closest relative to the Steppe Bison (and European buffalo or Wisent) leather will be the standard used, as will deer, elk and mountain goat as they too are fitting to the background. These will rarely be offered but belt and scabbard fittings can be ordered with sword with instructions and suggestions for styles by culture. For Cow Leather see our Ancient Earth Collection, where we use cow leather to simulate Auroch leather with the hair still on it such as with our Otzi Kits.


Yes they well be available, including belt and scabbard fittings to make your own sheath and swordbelt, just buy your own leather and handle materials.


From time to time when we will offer historical bow kits but these will be very rare.


We will be offering spears in single and bulk (discount) prices in various styles, including Nemedian Boar spears (functional for hunting where legal). Sold with shafts.

Axes and Maces

Ancient Bronze and copper  heads will be available. Sold with and without handles. (We prefer you make your own handle to make it unique.)

Stone Knapping tools                                                  

As  all Hyborian exiles need to know to make stone tools so should you, we will offer instructions and kits on how.  These will be listed in our Ancient Earth section.

DIY Handbooks on Ancient Skills (how to make ancient Hyborian dye, to make hide glue, to make an ancient forge, etc.) See our section on on Hyborian Studies!

WE BUY Old or damaged human skeletons from old schools or hospitals when they are REAL BONE, To residents of Montana, we are interested in buying legal pre-ban ivory. Be it elephant,whale, narwhal or walrus. All items come with care sets and instructions where needed. Custom orders are our specialty.


Yes, the coins of Hyboria are coming!


First items to be listed in 9/9/18! or abouts...


Who we are: We here at our forge and foundry are four men, Master Rhob of Nemedia, his two apprentices Jaesun of Aquilonia, Tym of the Border Kingdoms and Maerc the Leatherworker of Argos.