..Who is Prior Helmut?.... aka Doktor von Meer,

Prior Helmut, the "Mad Monk of Miskatonic" is an alleged defrocked monk and ecclesiastical artist, turned explorer and collector of exotic curiosities.
        Once prominent within the Catholic church of the Miskatonic archdiocese, rumor has it he went mad helping restore the universities rare book collection. The church say's little of this but it was connected to his studies into pre-adamite history, the Nephilim and the lost books of the bible. His faith was never questioned, but his constant delving was to much for the archdiocese in the end. His beliefs are best explained as two parts pre-vatican Catholic, and one part Eastern/Russian Orthodox and one part heretic as some of his views come from his modern life with information abound.
       Now he uses his alias as herr Doktor Helmut von Meer, running a small curio store in Arkham simply called Arkham Antiquities.
      The benevolent Doktor is an artist and uses traditional methods, and is a master carver of all mediums. Notably ivory, bone, wood and of course stone. His style is archaic, mostly based upon medieval ecclesiastical methods and archaeological examples. 
       His metalwork is varied with cast pewter being his most known works, but he works with a multitude of historical, and alien metals (some from the very stars themselves). Cast in lead free pewter from hand carved soapstone molds, using the same methods of the past. He is a blacksmith of course as well.
     He is currently building a new foundry though, attached to the manor so larger sand cast works will soon be available. 
     Examples of his ecclesiastical work from the "Ecclesiastical Arts of the Miskatonic Valley" showing his skills before his leaving that calling can be seen at the link above.
       The good doctor having a whale of a time. Norway 1921
He is a noted collector of rare and bizarre things. Few get to see his collection but some rare and priceless archeological treasures are know to be in his possession.
The Astrolabe. For some odd reason this device can take you to location located at 47°9′S 126°43′W in the southern Pacific Ocean

This was later recorded with his effects. (His body though was never located, and a son looking almost identical to the prior took possesion of the fragment in 1951.

This pottery shard was recovered in a locked box under the floor of an abandoned building in at the Whalers Bay station in Antarctica. It was found in 1944 when the British Admirality and the Colonial Office built a permanent base there. It was later sent to Miskatonic University but ended up disappearing, until reappearing a few times in the hands of private collectors.

"It's an oddly made pottery with a smell and feel somewhat akin to vulcanized rubber. It has a weight a quarter of ceramic but a strength far exceeding it.."

- Dr. Bartholomew Lesly Perry, 1944

Upcoming treasures

Eien no yoru

The Sword of Eternal Night/Eien no yoru: Custom Katana..



The Flat Head Lake Monster

The American Hyena

Shunka Warakin



Reality. He is the eldest son, of his mother and the second son to his father so he knows what it's like to be the eldest, youngest and middle sibling as well as being an only child. He has a talent for the arts that he gained from his maternal grandmother (an acclaimed artist and doll maker) and his paternal great grandfather (a civil war tailor to General Grant). His mother is an Artist, and his father a craftsman as they come from a thousand years of Blacksmiths. Sadly he's no immortal...

He's a collector of Relics, including part of the CROWN OF THORNS,  He's atavistic (See diet below) not seeing any authority higher than himself, as he has not been in the employ of anyone for almost 30yrs and being his own (and others) boss has lead him to have a very different perspective.

His older brother taught him to be a witch hunter, and warned him of the dangers of the occult that have protected him to this day. (Life was weird in the late 70's early 80's)

("Seriously" and no joke, my brother prepared me for dealing with witches, satanists, ghosts and demonic forces while I was a teen leading to my interests in horror, and supernatural gaming. I grew up with stories and tall tales of my brothers girlfriend, a witch...a 1970s horror style one not some hippie. Who's house was haunted from a sealed up room her grandfather died in. Others said they saw her face burning in mirrors. Sure it was ghost stories, told by a big brother and others but it was fun and what the 70's and 80's was all about.) Real life Stranger Things.

The 80's really was an Amazing time, scary, exciting, new...

99 problems but a .....

He's a master of husbandry with an amazing wife since the 1980's, and having pets live lives that are almost twice as long as expected with cats and dogs making it to 18-19yrs old (Persian-siamese/Lab-pitbull hybrids). I've owned dogs, cats, rabbits, fish, newts, snails and even a dove.

Much creative license has been used to portray the above "truth" of the Herr Doktor. The character I describe is a fictional version of myself if I was born living in the 1920s or 1930s. It's based on some reality with some outright lies thrown in to make it interesting. I was a Eucharististic Minister to the Sick, for the Catholic Church as well as a former historical reenactor that portrayed a Monastic Prior, hence the new background for "Herr Doktor" in this new chapter of life. I am a store owner, (a boring sports related retail store) but my passion is gaming, and the arts.


I only eat the meat of Predators, domesticated Omnivores, or wild herbivores as I don't eat animals that s**t where they eat and as a modern day Neolithic man I see no value in Beef when buffalo, fowl and fish are available. I can't eat gluten, because I'm luckily allergic to it and can only eat the grains my body evolved to eat over the last 50,000yrs before modern grains. I don't eat bread, I rarely eat fruit, I don't use any sugar as I'm diabetic, and the only sugars I get are natural and unprocessed. I don't drink or use milk, as milk is for babies and I only ingest it with other foods that my wife cooks for me. I no longer drink ANY alcohol and try to eat like a neolithic man.