Arkham Antiquities is a company devoted to the mythology of H.P. Lovecraft, R.E. Howard and Clark A. Smith. We do this by selling universal game accessories for ANY RPG based upon the writings of Lovecraft and functional weapon and game props based from their copyright free writings, and later inspirations..

     Functional Weapon Props and Armor from the worlds of R.E.Howard. This is our current main focus.

Games, supplements for ANY Lovecraft based game system. (Coming soon, see our Hyborian Collection props for current wares)


Books, inspired collections of writings from the Lovecraftian universe. Not currently available.

Statues, based upon books, and game supplements. Art props for your games or decor. (No Current Statues being offered)    

                                                                                              Coming soon Large foundry castings!


Amulets, fine pewter and bronze hand cast from hand carved stone molds. (Only doing limited sales)


Paperprops. all free. More to come.


     Our staff.


     Unique Items not for sale at this time.


     Anything else. Including resources for Writers, Artists and Keepers. Including Instructions on ancient and medieval         

                                                                                                  methods of construction for those interested in our expertise and methodology used in our construction of historical props.

 Arkham Antiquities is Miskatonics oldest dealer of fine antiquities, exotic imports and fortean curios from across the globe.

Come visit our retail store in Arkham. We are a proud contributor of Miskatonic University, and encourage all to pursue knowledge, please visit them at Miskatonic University

 Herr Doktor Helmut von Meer, Proprietor.  Also visit our section on Modern Horror Gaming.